CMU International Exchange Program for CSU Students


Professor Tony Sinay, Chair of Department of Health Care Administration, California State University at Long Beach, led the postgraduate students to China Medical University to participate in the international student exchange program during 26 June and 9 July 2016. The program focuses on the studies of health service management and also offers a wide range of academic activities, including lectures on the health care system and management in Taiwan, and site visits to hospitals and one NHI office in the region. The students had a glimpse of the indigenous culture by taking part in demonstration sessions, such as Traditional Chinese Medicine, acupuncture, and Tai-Chi; social events to scenic spots (such as the Mirror Glass Museum and the Sun-Moon Lake) were also included. The short program for international students offered by the CMU may be one of its own kind in Taiwan. In return, Professor Chiu-Ying Chen of the Department of Public Health led 8 CMU students of the School of Public Health to CSU Long Beach on 3 July 2016 for a 4-week exchange program.