An insightful speech by Deputy Mayor Doris Yi-Ying Lin of Taichung City (台中市林副市長依瑩)


Madam Doris Yi-Ying Lin, incumbent Deputy Mayor of Taichung City, former CEO of Hondao Foundation for Elderly Care, and the Top 10 Distinguished Youths of 2010, have been a champion and enthusiast in the enterprise of long-term care and elderly care. Madam Lin has orchestrated Go Grandriders !!! (不老騎士) which stimulated fresh and daring imagination of active aging. We had the privilege to invite Madam Lin to give an insightful speech on 'Strategic development of integrative care in Taichung City: whole persons, whole families, and whole communities' on 16 December 2016. Through the speech, CMU students and faculty were aspired to the state of the art in the development of aged friendly society.