Congratulations to Mr. Chin-Lun Tsai (蔡經綸) and Mr. Chun-Ming Liao (廖俊明) for the APACPH Young Investigators’ special awards.


Two distinguished students from the College of Public Health were awarded with the APACPH Young Investigators’ special awards. Mr. Chin-Lun Tsai (蔡經綸), a PhD student of Department of Public Health, and an advisee of Professor Chow-Feng Chiang (江舟峰教授), had an oral presentation on 'developments and applications of a Taiwan diet exposure evaluation model in the demonstration of organophosphate pesticides residues in food matrices' at the 48th APACPH conference, which had been held over 16-19 September 2016 at Teikyo University (帝京大學), Tokyo, Japan. Mr. Chun-Ming Liao (廖俊明), a PhD candidate of Department of Public Health (Division of Health Services Administration), and an advisee of Professor Wen-Chen Tsai (蔡文正教授), gave an oral presentation on 'Effects of Multidisciplinary Care on Utilisation of Emergency Care for Colorectal Cancer Patients: A Large Retrospective and Cohort Study' at the same conference. These two gentlemen were awarded for their extraordinary academic accomplishments