2017 College Commencement Ceremony (2017.06.04 )


The 2017 Commencement Ceremony of the College of Public Health was held on June 4. The ceremony began with two performance activities by current students, followed by well-wishing addresses from Dean Wen-Chen Tsai and Director Tsung-Hsueh Lu of the Department of Health, Taichung City. Dean Tsai reminded that learning does not end with graduation and also warned that life is full of unexpected and undesirable twists and turns and graduating students should be able to handle them. Director Tsung-Hsueh Lu encouraged our graduates to stay healthy, think in the way your bosses think, and should face the reality in the real world that you have to make a decision based on dichotomized choices, instead of on a set of ambivalent choices on a continuous scale. Furthermore, a wide range of innovative awards (such as the first line attender, best helper, best socialization) were granted to graduate students in recognition of their participation in the public affairs over these year at CMU.